March 2024

Queen of PentaclesKnight of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles | Knight of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles

Imagery: A Queen sits on her throne which is decorated with symbols of fruits and cherubs. She is blessed with abundance. Her throne sits directly on the earth, surrounded by a lush garden and a rabbit. Mountains and water can be seen in the background.

Knight of Pentacles

Imagery: A Knight holding a pentacle sits on his horse. He is at peace with himself and seems to be pondering his direction forward. His helmet has a plume of greenery, as does his horse. We see mountains and a “flowing” plowed field in the background.


Pentacles are associated with the Earth element and the physical. Representations of the Earth element are readily seen in the lush garden, the rabbit, the mountains, and the strip of plowed soil.

This month take some time to assess your own blessings and abundance. We’re not talking about a perfect life. That is a fiction. Think about what you have that brings you joy. It could be family, friends, pets, health, career, books, music, plants, a favorite coffee or tea, community, or solitude. Be grateful for large and small joys and watch your life attain a greater peace and balance.

Keywords and Phrases: abundance, gratefulness, balance

Be Blessed!