May 2024

Knight of PentaclesWheel of Fortune

Knight of Pentacles | Wheel of Fortune

Knight of Pentacles

Imagery: A knight holding a pentacle sits on a horse who is standing still. The knight’s helmet has a plume of vegetation in keeping with the elemental association of Earth.

The Knight of Pentacles is a knight who takes his time. He plans carefully and is clear about his goals before he starts out on his quest. 

Wheel of Fortune

Imagery: A wheel is in the center with a sphinx on top, a snake on the left, and Anubis on the right. There are four winged creatures in the corners.

The Wheel of Fortune signifies forward movement. It generally suggests positive energy, even though it may be unknown at this time.


This month the cards are urging you to take some action. If there is something that you’ve been planning (or over-planning), now is the time to set your wheel in motion. You’ve waited long enough. Take whatever steps are necessary to actively work towards your goal. The Wheel suggests not only that you take action, but that it will likely be successful. 

Keywords and Phrases: Action, success

Be Blessed!