November 2021

I - MagicianQueen of Pentacles

1 - Magician | Queen of Pentacles

1 - Magician

Imagery: A man is standing behind an altar. The infinity symbol or lemniscate is above his head. His right arm holds a wand and points skyward. His left hand points down to the ground. He is drawing the power of the Heavens down to Earth. On the altar is a Sword, Wand, Cup, and Pentacle (his tools). 

The Magician shows that all things are possible this month. The Magician has all the tools he needs to manifest whatever he wants to, with the help of the Divine. You do, too. Harness your beliefs, confidence, courage, and enthusiasm! Take whatever steps are required to bring your dreams to reality. Use the energy of this month to manifest!

Queen of Pentacles

Imagery: A woman is sitting on a throne that is placed directly on the ground. She is wearing a red robe for fertility and a green cloak for the Earth. The vegetation around her is lush and blooming. A rabbit is frolicking nearby.

The Queen of Pentacles is grounded, fertile, and comfortable wearing her crown and wielding her power in a gentle way. She recognizes and appreciates her bounty. This month BE the Queen of Pentacles. Acknowledge your blessings. Stay grounded and centered. If you have projects that you’d like to undertake, use the fertility of the Queen and the power of the Magician to get them off to a strong start!

Key Words and Phrases:
Manifestation, appreciation, groundedness

Be Blessed!