November 2022

HierophantFour of Pentacles

Hierophant | Four of Pentacles


Imagery: A papal figure is seated and appears to be giving a blessing. Two disciples are at his feet.

Sometimes the Hierophant comes through as a card of societal restrictions and convention. But it also has a gentler side. It can represent wisdom and lessons learned.

Four of Pentacles

Imagery: A man is seated with four pentacles. Two are under his feet, one is on his crown, and the fourth is being clasped to his chest.

Sometimes the man on this card is said to be stingy or greedy. However, the alternative interpretation is that, at this time, it’s important for him to hold on to what he has.

These two cards combined are speaking to lessons learned about when to extend and when to retreat and conserve.

During this month you may find yourself ready to (or being asked to) give more than you really should. This can be of your time, money, energy, or anything else that you have to give. The Hierophant is asking you to think about the times you have overextended yourself and remember the consequences of that. Now is the time to conserve your energy, money, emotional equilibrium, and time.

Key Words and Phrases:
Conserve, retreat, maintain the balance

Be Blessed!