October 2022

Knight of SwordsKnight of Cups

Knight of Swords | Knight of Cups

Knight of Swords

Imagery: A knight is racing along on his horse. His sword is raised high in the air, his cloak and plume are flying behind him. The clouds and the horse’s mane are jagged. His horse is galloping through the Air, which is the element of the suit of Swords.

This knight is about fast action. Sometimes this is reckless, thoughtless action, but sometimes it just indicates a need to do something quickly.

Knight of Cups

Imagery: A knight is trotting along on his horse. He holds his cup aloft as if in offering. His horse is about to walk through the Water, which is the element associated with Cups.

This knight can be dreamy and romantic. He takes his time and enjoys life and his pursuits.

Notice how the Knights are facing away from each other. The Knight of Swords is galloping away to the left. The Knight of Cups is walking calmly to the right. He is walking away from the busy-ness of the Knight of Swords.

During this month, you may find yourself busy, busy busy tending to life’s obligations. Career, home, family, and friends all may demand your time and you may find yourself rushing around like the Knight of Swords, trying to accomplish everything. But …

Stop. Breathe. Take your cue from the Knight of Cups. Give yourself time for pleasant pursuits. Do what makes you happy. Your Knight of Swords needs a rest and time to recharge. It’s ok to take that time. 

Key Words and Phrases:
Balance, recharge, rest.

Be Blessed!