October 2023

Seven of CupsThree of Cups

Seven of Cups | Three of Cups

Seven of Cups

Imagery: A man stands in front of a cloud bearing seven cups. Each cup holds an item, some attractive, some a bit frightening. The man is expected to choose a cup.

This is a card of choices. It shows the need to be able to discern between what is fantasy and what is reality. As in your own life, whatever decision is made here will come with consequences.

Three of Cups

Imagery: Three women are holding their cups high and dancing in celebration. There is a bountiful harvest at their feet.

This card is exactly what it seems … people coming together in support and celebration.

For this month, the message is that of asking for help when faced with a difficult decision. In the Seven of Cups, we see the man on the left alone and needing to choose a cup. The cups hold such different items that this is not an easy decision to make. 

But help is at hand in the Three of Cups. These friends are there to support the man. He only has to ask for help and they will be by his side, helping him decide the best course of action.

So this month, don’t feel that you need to go it alone. Ask for help, either from friends, relatives or from an external consultant.

Key Words and Phrases:
ask for help, group effort, professional guidance

Be Blessed!