September 2022

King of SwordsTwo of Cups

King of Swords | Two of Cups

King of Swords

Imagery: A stern-looking king sits on his throne atop a high hill. His sword is held at an angle. He looks directly at you.

Swords is the suit of air and relates to your mind, beliefs, and communication. This king is a clear thinker and makes good and just decisions. He is able to cut through any illusions and see the truth.

Two of Cups

Imagery: A couple holds out cups to one another. A lion, representing strong energy, and a caduceus are between the people. The caduceus is the staff of Hermes and represents commerce, trade, and prudence. A house is in the background.

This is a card of partnerships of all kinds. Being a cups card, we often think of romantic relationships. However, this card can just as easily represent business, intellectual, or other relationships.

During this month, examine any relationships or partnerships that are in your life or that are offered to you. Use the clear thinking of the King of Swords to determine if they are rewarding and still serve a purpose, or if they can be improved or even released. 

Key Phrases:
partnership, clarity, purpose

Be Blessed!