September 2023

Wheel of FortuneThe Sun

Wheel of Fortune | The Sun

Wheel of Fortune

Imagery: A wheel is shown in the center of the image with four figures, one in each corner. Three figures are around the center wheel and alchemical symbols are seen in the center. TORA and the tetragrammaton symbols are seen on the outer edge.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that everything moves forward and that change is inevitable and constant.

The Sun

Imagery: A large sun is prominent in the image. A child wearing small sunflowers in his hair rides a white horse. Larger sunflowers are blooming along the top of a wall.

The Sun card carries positive, successful, confident, and courageous energy.

This month brings the energy of positive change. Events and situations that have been a problem can improve. Relationships that have been difficult can become easier to deal with. Stuck energy in any area of your life is ready to shift and flow. But it won’t happen without your help. Use your own awareness and intention to create positive change.

Key Words:
Change, shift, improvement, success

Be Blessed!