September 2021

XIV - TemperanceKing of Cups

XIV Temperance | King of Cups


Imagery: A winged being stands with one foot on land and one in the water. It is pouring a liquid from one cup into another. A path and a crown are in the background.

Temperance has a few basic meanings. At this time it is coming through as Alchemy, creating something new and magickal from mundane ingredients. The crown is glowing as if made of gold, one of the elements that early alchemists were trying to create. Alchemists attempt to transform things for the better.

King of Cups

Imagery: A king is sitting on his throne which is floating on the water. He is holding a cup and a scepter. We see a ship and a fish in the background. There’s a fish pendant around his neck.

The King of Cups is a good king, but sometimes he’s reluctant to get in touch with his emotions and express his joy. This is the reason in the Waite-Smith tarot his throne is floating ON the water rather than in it. Water is his element and represents emotions. He is remaining apart from them. Sometimes this is necessary, but not always.

These cards are asking you set your King of Cups free! Life your life fully. Laugh, love, play. Be the alchemist and, through your joy, create an even more magickal life for yourself!

Key Phrases:
alchemy, magick, joy, create

Be Blessed!